After spending a few early years in my career retouching food, water, and traditional advertising pieces, I shifted my emphasis to focus on human skin retouching, hair illustration, lighting & shading and entertainment finishing.

In addition to winning many awards over the course of my career, I have worked on many major motion picture and television titles, as well as high-profile, worldwide advertising campaigns. I currently live and work in Los Angeles.

I've also been a private retouching and compositing instructor for over a decade, and have had the pleasure of seeing several of my students enter the advertising world as retouchers and finishers.

Still not sure what a finisher actually does? I get this question a lot. A finisher is a digital artist who works primarily in Photoshop. Finishing encompasses several artistic disciplines into a refined skill: retouching, compositing, illustration, advanced knowledge of lighting and shading, attention to detail, and lots of patience. Sometimes a few, but more often dozens or hundreds of separate pieces of art are used to create the final piece. The satisfaction of finishing a big, complex piece of art is what makes many of us love our job. 

For more about the finishing process, check out this Seamless article.

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